February 23,2007
Dear Honorable Elected Official,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support of the immigrant community and all those that advocate on their behalf. This year, the Consejo de Federaciones Mexicanas en Norte America (COFEM) hand in hand with CARECEN, CIDRLA, Hermandad Mexicana Nacional, NALEO Educational Fund, and a number of other partner organizations have come together to organize a historic gathering of magnitude proportions, all in commemoration of the marches of2006 that gathered millions of your constituents. This year we want to convene the community in a much more coordinated setting where our message of justice, unity and equality can be strategically communicated to you; our elected representatives. With that said we are proud to be organizing our lit Annual Gathering of Immigrant Communities, where various immigrant advocacy organizations from California, Arizona, Nevada and other parts of the country will have an opportunity to share the issues that are impacting their communities.

At this event we hope to communicate our unified and clear message to you; our local, state and federal elected officials about our community’s priorities and concerns on three (3) federal and one (1) state issue:

• The enactment of a fair and humane immigration reform bill that clears a path for citizenship for the nearly 12 million undocumented immigrants in this country and takes into consideration the root causes of immigration
• Stop the raids and deportations that are separating thousands of working and contributing families in this country
• No fee increases on the naturalization and residency process procedures
• The enactment ofa health care reform package in the State of California that takes into consideration the needs of all working and contributing Californians

On behalf of the many participating organizations and our community, we’d like to formally request your participation and support with this historic gathering where we’re expecting more than 10,000 people to attend and fill the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena on March 25th 2007 from lOam to 2pm. It is our goal, as a unified community, to send a powerful message, which will resonate with all those involved in the decision making process for this great State and Nation.

We hope that you will be able to give our request for participation and support consideration. Any support your can provide to help make this event a great success, would be greatly appreciated. If you have any additional questions, please contact Roberto Bravo or Anabella Bastida of COFEM at (213) 346-3216 or via email at abastida@cofem.org.



Arturo Carmona
Executive Director
Angelica Salas
Executive Director

Eun Sook Lee
Executive Director
Angela Sanbrano
Executive Director

Arturo Vargas
Executive Director
NALEO Educational Fund

Angelica Corona
Executive Director
Hermandad Mexicana Nacional

Stewart Kwoh
Executive Director