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10,000 will Gather on the 25th for Immigration Reform
World Journal 2007-03-10

Immigrant rights groups in Los Angeles Stadium on the 9th meeting, announced the establishment of the “indisputable justice for our families”, launched on the 25th million people in a rally called on the people to participate.
(This reporter Baoanren perturbation)
This reporter Baoguangren Los Angeles — “We procession, we vote Now we have to be fair to our families indisputable. ” This is mainly Hispanic origin and the Asia-Pacific Law Center has been supported by immigrant rights organizations and Peter T’u, Stadium gate in Los Angeles on the 9th assembly, the common voice.

Last year, on March 25, the Los Angeles area immigrant rights groups launched a large-scale demonstration, asked immigration reform, nearly 50 million people participated. for the United States the largest-scale immigration demonstrations. March 25 this year, immigrant rights organizations will be held in Los Angeles stadium of 10,000 people. March 25 demonstration to mark the first anniversary of immigrants, Congress and the federal government to exert pressure upon immigration reform.

(Justice for Our Families Committee) Asia-Pacific Law Center, the National Education Association, and Peter T’u services, Peter T’u resource center Central American Resource Center in Los Angeles and other immigrant rights coalition announced that more than 10 bodies on the 9th to set up a “justice for our families indisputable” (Justice for Our Families Committee). will be at 10:00 on the 25th to 14:00, the stadium held 10,000 people in Los Angeles, demanded that Congress pass a fair, reasonable and humane immigration reform law, the 12 million illegal immigrants in the United States to provide the means to legalize status, demanded an end to raids and the repatriation of illegal immigrants, because these raids caused the disintegration of the family and caused panic in immigrant communities. Require either Citizenship and Immigration Service, not unlike naturalized citizens, as well as requirements for insurance reform in California. so that every individual can enjoy health insurance in California.

Angelica Salas)Los Angeles immigration rights Union director M. Salas (Angelica Salas). The immigration reform bill has been stressing for a few months, but inconclusive. Will need to continue to exert pressure and to educate the community participation.

Rally organizers over 10,000 copies have been printed postcards, on the 25th of the people attending the meeting, the postcards can be signed, mailed to members of Congress and President Bush, the expression of public opinion.

Huangshangren legal rights and interests of the Asia-Pacific Center for immigrants, said the immigration issue is not Hispanic origin, as well as the Chinese. We must fight for immigrant rights. Chinese to change to allow others to get their ideas waiting to enjoy and participate in the Congress and the President to exert pressure.

He said that although the Democratic Party’s majority in the Parliament, but by taking into account the rights of immigrants immigration reform program, still have a lot of difficulties. Twice last year, a large-scale demonstration, not only put pressure on Congress, to educate the American people and to change immigration views. He expressed the hope that Chinese people attended a rally on the 25th stadium in Los Angeles.

要求移民改革 25日萬人集會
(世界日報 2007-03-10)




亞太法律中心、全美韓裔服務及教育協會、韓裔資源中心、中美洲資源中心及洛杉磯移民權益聯盟等十多個機構9日宣布成立「為我們的家庭爭公道」委員會(Justice for Our Families Committee),並將於25日上午10時至下午2時,在洛杉磯體育場內舉辦萬人大會,要求國會通過公正、合理及人道的移民改革法,為已經在美國的 1200萬非法移民提供身分合法化的途徑,要求停止掃蕩並遣返非法移民,因為這些掃蕩造成家庭分裂,並在移民社區造成恐慌。要求公民及移民服務局收回成命,不要調漲公民入籍費用,以及要求加州進行健保改革,讓每一位加州人都能享受健保。

洛杉磯移民權益聯盟主任薩拉斯(Angelica Salas)表示,有關移民改革的法案已經講了幾個月,但仍無結果。現在需要繼續施加壓力,同時要教育社區,共同參與。